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We’ve joined the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator in Bristol

Posted by Louisa Bainbridge on Sep 20, 2017 10:55:50 AM

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program iGeolise

We're one of the five lucky startups that have been chosen for the six-month Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator in Bristol. In these coming months, we'll be able to have full access to Oracle's R&D team to help us grow. The program provides mentoring from Oracle's technical team as well as being able to learn from the team's business experts. With the program set up in a co-working space, it also means there's a buzzing environment to learn from the team and ask questions that will help us drive forward our ideas.  We also get access to tech and free Oracle Cloud credits.  

The Mentors

The mentors help us get access to Oracle's extensive customer base and partners as well as linking us up to the investor community. They're tech savvy to help us grow too. 

What Oracle says 

“We were thrilled with the initial response from the local startup community—all tremendously tenacious and all addressing big global opportunities. We look forward to working with the five innovative, talented startups in our inaugural class,” said Reggie Bradford, Senior Vice President, Startup Ecosystem and Accelerator. “Already we have seen progress by bringing together collaborators from startups, customers and Oracle product development. I look forward to continuing these efforts with the vibrant group of startups in Bristol.” 

Five startups

It's not just Oracle we can learn from during these 6 months, being part of a team of five companies means we can learn from others. Check out the other companies that come from a wide range of industries including AI, machine learning and VR: 

Read more about the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator 

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