Use this travel time calculator to discover journey times

by Evelina Bezubec
on Aug 2, 2019 1:53:39 PM

Calculating a journey by distance tells you how far away a point of interest is in miles or kilometers. However, points of interest search tools often assume that you are travelling as the crow flies. In reality, a journey needs to take into account road networks, transport schedules and congestion at certain times of day. This is where a travel time calculator tool can come in handy. A travel time calculator takes all these elements into account. So, no matter the distance, you will get a result that shows you how long it will actually take to reach your desired location. Let’s take a look at some examples.


Omio calculates train, bus and flight options between cities in Europe.

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  • Enter your start location and your destination
  • Enter your travel date(s)
  • Select your preferred mode of transport
  • Click ‘Search’
  • See your results in list and map view

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TravelTime platform

Calculate an A to B route using the TravelTime platform routing tool. You can calculate the time it takes using different transport modes.

  • Enter your preferred mode of transport
  • Enter date and time of departure 
  • Enter starting point and destination
  • Add a waypoint (optional)
  • Click the departure time 
  • View the results on list and map view


Unlike other A to B routing tools you can map all the places you can get within a time limit. For example: How far can I travel within 30 minutes by car from my house at 8 am? Try this type of search here

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Skyscanner is a travel time calculator that allows you to search for flight options from all the different operators.

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  • Click ‘one way’, ‘return’ or ‘multi-city’ option
  • Enter your starting and destination airports
  • Enter your preferred departure and return dates
  • Select the number of passengers
  • Click ‘Search flights’
  • View results in a list view
  • Add further filters, such as fastest route, direct route, preferred airline

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Citymapper is a transport app that allows users to search for driving, cycling, walking and public transport routes in urban areas. 

  • Enter your starting address or use current location
  • Enter your destination
  • Click the green arrow 
  • View your results in a listview separated by mode of transport
  • See Citymapper’s suggested route based on fastest travel time


Open Source Routing Machine

The Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) is an open-source router designed for use with data from the OpenStreetMap project to calculate drive times.


  • Enter your starting location or address
  • Enter your destination
  • Use the + sign to add an optional waypoint
  • Click ‘enter’ 
  • View the driving route on the map


Try the TravelTime platform travel time calculator today

Draw Free TravelTime Maps

Using TravelTime it's possible to make bespoke travel time polygons showing where's reachable within a travel time area. To discuss your bespoke project, get in touch.



Calculate travel time using mapping tools

Calculate travel time to points of interest. Discover the shortest travel time to a location. Search by time instead of distance.

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