New London tube zones: 8 must see maps

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Jan 5, 2016 12:31:32 PM

London is changing the way it charges for travel at 8 East London stations, aiming to save residents money depending on the direction that they travel. But how will switching London tube zones help save passengers money?

How it works

All 8 stations in Zone 2/3 will be treated as Zone 2 or Zone 3 depending on where the traveller is going to, with the cheapest option always being selected. For example, if travelling from West Ham on the Metropolitan line to Liverpool Street (Zone 1) it’ll charge for a Zone 2 > Zone 1 price. However if travelling from West Ham on the District Line to Upminster (Zone 6), it charges for a Zone 3 > 6 journey.


We’ve made 8 maps that highlight every location within A 10-minute walk from these newly rezoned London stations. At iGeolise, we think searching for locations should be done in minutes, not miles. If you’d like to add a time-based search to a website get in touch below. It’s easy to implement, and proven to deliver 3x more conversions than miles radius based searching.

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Abbey Road

London tube zones abbey road


London tube zones bromley by bow

Canning Town

London tube zones canning town

East India

London tube zones east india

North Greenwich

London tube zones north greenwich

Pudding Mill Lane 

London tube zones pudding mill lane

Star Lane
London tube zones star lane

Stratford High Street

London tube zones stratford high street

Stratford International
London tube zones stratford international

London tube zones stratford



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