5 inspiring location search engine result page designs

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Apr 12, 2017 3:54:05 PM

Search relevancy + great design = conversions 

A well-designed search result page can maximize conversions and minimise bounce rates from visitors. We’ve selected our favourite search result pages so that you get inspired. Check out our top 5 cleverly thought out interfaces.

Propertywide Travel Time Search


Propertywide.co.uk property search

What we like:

  • 2-person search: shows properties that are within a commutable distance for more than one person. Add a 2 person search with the TravelTime API here.
  • Travel times listed for each result: users don’t need to calculate an A to B route manually
  • Irrelevant locations greyed out: keeps user focused on the relevant results

Walmart store finder



Walmart.com, retail store finder page

What we like:

  • Interactive map: clicking on a search result provides users essential store information instantly, so there’s no need to visit another page
  • Scrollable results: no need to click through pages and pages of results to find what you’re looking for
  • Easy directions: clicking directions redirects calculates the A>B route for the user

VisitBritain things to do search


 VisitBritain.com, tourist search

What we like:

  • What’s Nearby search: displays other points of interest within a reachable travel time, allowing visitors to get to know the area
  • Transport mode filtering: travel time shape changes after the user selects their preferred mode
  • Colour coded points of interest: users can browse points of interest based on the activity they like to do, enabling them to easily select other similar options

Skyscanner Flight Search


 Skyscanner.net, flight search

What we like:

  • Instantly change results: adjust the outbound sliders to instantly adjust the results – no need to return to the search page
  • Colour coordinated results: users can focus on the direct flights easily as they’re listed in green
  • Logos: instead of listing the flight operator, Skyscanner uses logos to add colour and reduce the amount of text on each result

Airbnb accommodation search

blog-aug-16-airbnb-1.jpg Airbnb.co.uk, accommodation search

What we like:

  • Adjustable results: As users move around the map, new listings are shown and results on the left transform to fit this
  • Limited results: rather than showing all possible results on the map, Airbnb only shows a select few to prevent overcrowding and confusing users with too much choice
  • User ratings: customer reviews are a powerful decision-making tool, so it’s no wonder they’ve put this information before users select which option to go for.

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