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This radius map UK tool makes drive time maps

Posted by Louisa Bainbridge on Jun 26, 2017 2:52:23 PM

Circular radius maps

When drawing a radius map, the shape you expect to create is a circle. To create a simple 5 mile radius map you must draw a straight line that is 5 miles long and using these straight lines to make the circumferance of the cicle. This means a 5 mile radius assumes that we can travel as the crow flies. To make this more accurate we can show a 1 hour radius map, using real routes and journey times instead of straight lines. This has been possible for analysts using GIS data for some time, but now it can be done in a simple app.

Try drive time maps vs. radius maps here.  


Just draw a travel time map here


Image taken from radius map tool - try it here


Travel time radius maps in the UK

To create a more relevant map a new radius map UK tool calculates a travel time radius (an isochrone) rather than using distance. It's free to make your own using driving, cycling, walking and public transport. Check out our isochrone guide page for more detail

draw drive time polygon

Example UK maps 

These shapes are very different to using a circle to show where's nearby your location.The example below shows where's reachable within a 15 minute drive. 


1 hour radius by public transport


30 minutes cycling


For more commute time maps check out our London post comparing times.

Are you using radius maps to export location data? 

It's possible to export all postcode data that falls with a travel time area using this tool. Great for building direct marketing lists, analysing catchment areas and geofencing. Not sure where to begin when using postcode data? Check out our blog on radius mapping

draw drive time polygon


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