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Product launch: TravelTime Postcodes Available in the UK

Posted by Louisa Bainbridge on Jul 5, 2017 12:42:10 PM

We've just launched a new TravelTime Postcodes tool that enables users to export all postcode data from a TravelTime catchment area in just a few clicks. You don't need to be a GIS expert or data analyst to use the platform. Just upload a list of locations you want to analyse by travel time, specify your journey settings, such as 'within 30 minutes peak time' and we'll send all relevant postcode data straight to your inbox, 


  • Users can try it out free before committing by creating a 30 minute catchment area to view sample postcodes
  • Location analysis starts from £100 when analysing up to 25 start location postcodes and only £2.25 per postcode thereafter. Get started now


Tardis screenshot.png

For more details check out the press release

For help getting started with postcode data take a look at our ultimate guide to creating a postcode map or check out other ways to export postcodes


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TravelTime search is 3x more effective in converting users than a miles radius location search 

Whether your users are searching for their next property, job or a place to stay, it’s important that they’re given the right locations to choose from. Instead of assuming they can go as the crow flies, TravelTime Search API finds and filters points of interest by time.  

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